Puberty Blues

Today as I was being trained to update websites at my new job and panicking at the thought of possibly having to reveal that while I am a nerd..I’m not that kind of nerd, you know the smart kind. So in the face of failure I let my freak flag fly. In a fit of anxiety while a girl dressed in a fancy suit explained how to import content I picked at my fingers while taking notes (an awful habit I’ve had since I was old enough to grow stubby finger nails) so as she watched me frantically take notes she must have seen little tiny smears of blood from the side of my fingernail drip onto the page, in fact I swear I noticed her look down at it multiple times as she explained things to me. Rather than acknowledge it and get a tissue or a band-aid I just kept writing while it looked as though my freaking finger was having its first period all over my chicken scrawl handwriting. Argh….so humiliated, now until I learn this stuff off by heart I am going to have a red reminder of my inability to function normally in the world.


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