What a World: 2nd Edition

Ok Peeps it’s time once again to think about all those little and big things out there in the world that make you consider swallowing a glass of Ajax while lying on a dirty bathroom floor with nothing to console you but a puddle of your own 2 dollar masscara you bought from the bargain bin of your local chemist streaked tears. Today I want to congratulate Stupid Bumper/Car stickers for making me think “what a world” now I myself am a bumper sticker enthusiast but mine are all lame, nerdy and inoffensive to anyone who even knows what they mean. I’m more of a “no jobs on a green planet or my cat goes to university” criminal compared to people who use their car to make comments such as “frangipani” “Barely Legal” “Magic Happens” “Playgirl” “fuck off we’re full” and so on and so forth. These types of stickers really grate my cheese…almost as much as Mark’s old room-mate with the multicoloured “sunsilk” car. Anyway I digress, as you can probably tell this is topic close to my cynical heart, however it’s time to name our What A World bumper sticker winner …………..

“Up the bum no babies”

Yes friends, I have actually witnessed with my very own eyes, and my husband was a witness, a ute (of course) with a bumper sticker with those exact words. Actually I think it may have actually said “babys” but I’m going to give it the benefit of the doubt. Seriously? Seriously?

Someone pass me the Ajax pronto..


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